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  • 4 oct. 2015

  • A expose' of the inner workings of police corruption in the inner cities. WINNER: for the Best Movie at the TitanArtAwards.com WINNER: Karim Mowatt for Best Director WINNER: Brian Adams for Best Actor The lure of revenge against dirty government officials: Government prosecutors and agents are part of a conspiracy to deny Black Males justice in their lusting quest for wealth leads to chaos on the streets and 4 fearless men who come up with an ingenious plan to rob the Government Officials an to get to a Police Station Evidence Room for millions of dollars seized. This turns into conflicts and contradictions, corrupt cops and government officials all vying for a piece of the pie, leading to very unpredictable end. Follow me on Instagram: @KarimMo101


  • Mia Irby
    Mia Irby il y a 4 ans

    i enjoyed this one, lots of twists, must pay attention or you will be lost👌

  • Gamble/heres2thethron Gamble/heres2thethrone

    very good movie

  • Kevin Burton
    Kevin Burton il y a 3 ans

    very good B movie

  • Damon Dixon
    Damon Dixon il y a 4 ans

    My man, My man you most definitely stepped your game up 100 more notches with your craft bruh. keep up the good work ..... Only a matter of time before you kick down the doors and get your just due....FACTS! I loved the fact that scenes weren't predictable. Good joint 100

  • Rhonda1 Johnson
    Rhonda1 Johnson il y a 3 ans

    I see why this movie won 3 awards.. You don't know who to trust...10 stars!!!!

  • CoCoa Goddess
    CoCoa Goddess il y a 4 ans

    i need for the producer to do more, this movie was the shit. i LOVED every minute of it

  • BestJust FoundBetter
    BestJust FoundBetter il y a 1 an

    Yesssssss finally they all did what the hell I would have done , Left town ,PERIOD !!!

  • Lamont Washington
    Lamont Washington il y a 4 ans

    dope movie great watch I enjoyed this one as well looking forward to the next title fam

  • blowanl2
    blowanl2 il y a 3 ans


  • Ms KK
    Ms KK il y a 4 ans

    I haven't even finished watching yet & had to comment!!! this joint is live!! love it!! one of the best movies I've seen.. good script!!! great job in this one!!!!!

  • Marco Laboy
    Marco Laboy il y a 4 ans

    checking out the flicks you putting out.hollywood material.100 films the truth.

  • Martessica Warren
    Martessica Warren il y a 2 ans

    "Free your mind before thoughts become illegal"😬

    TSMOOVE_OPEMINA il y a 4 ans

    Dope movie!! I saw Run too keep them coming please

  • Tyrone jefferson
    Tyrone jefferson il y a 4 ans

    this is a great movie...definitely going on my favorite list

  • Tyrone jefferson
    Tyrone jefferson il y a 4 ans

    this is a great movie...definitely going on my favorite list

  • Lera Ann
    Lera Ann il y a 3 ans

    I havent seen a movie that kept me on the edge like that in a minute...beautifully written!

  • diesles dising
    diesles dising il y a 3 ans

    All I wanted was for the to get that money...Dope movie even tho it end kindof crazy..I needed more lol

  • Sheila McFarland
    Sheila McFarland il y a 4 ans

    Riveting! I did have to chuckle though in the beginning of the film when the movie "Run" was playing on the TV.

  • Shannon Boo
    Shannon Boo il y a 4 ans

    Yessss great movie! Plus some scenes was shot around my way! A+

  • curtisda3rd
    curtisda3rd il y a 4 ans

    Damn Good Movie A Real Set It Off!!!