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  • 19 juin 2012

  • Like This? You Should Subscribe Here Now: SSION's new video is a coming of age love story between an enigmatic instigator and an alien-brother-lover resulting in the purest form of magik with a bit of feminism and Las Vegas showmanship thrown in for good measure, all shot in Kansas City. Purchase the record: The album "Bent" will be released on 9/18. ** Thanks ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like Noisey on Facebook: Follow Noisey on Twitter: Read our tumblr:


  • Makis Gazis
    Makis Gazis il y a 5 ans

    This is art to my ears and music to my eyes ..... The guy's an Artist

  • Victor Carrasco A.
    Victor Carrasco A. il y a 3 ans

    We live together across the wire

  • Feared Friends
    Feared Friends il y a 5 ans

    One of the greatest songs of all time. flawless. I doubt I will find another song this amazing for a long time. Songwriting 101. The video digs deep into your soul and pushes all YOUR buttons. Art as pop music.

  • eightypuff01
    eightypuff01 il y a 6 ans

    I got to say that Ssion deserves at least 1.316 670 views, not 316 670. This is some good stuff. Solid produced made by an awesome artists. 

  • ThrashANDive
    ThrashANDive il y a 1 an

    This is my favourite video ever! It's PURE ART.

  • GLsJAwtomatica
    GLsJAwtomatica il y a 5 ans

    This is one of those rare instances where the video actually enhances the song rather than detracts from it...amazing

  • Mari :v
    Mari :v il y a 8 mois

    SSION is so underrated. So much love from nyc xx

  • quoe1
    quoe1 il y a 7 ans

    best MV i have seen in a very long time. so much symbolism!

  • CzechNerd
    CzechNerd il y a 5 ans

    This is AMAZING. How did I discover this so late? :D 

  • Nagham
    Nagham il y a 7 ans

    I've had this on repeat for days 3

  • Edwin Vazquez
    Edwin Vazquez il y a 7 mois

    Happy Quarantine y’all, keep it together we will make it through this 💁🏻‍♂️✨😘

  • Martymainframe
    Martymainframe il y a 8 ans

    I can't stop playing this. It's mesmerizing!!!

  • Alexis Ramirez
    Alexis Ramirez il y a 3 ans

    Gracias Yolanda 3

  • Dj Puzzle
    Dj Puzzle il y a 1 an

    Very catchy tune! Nice melody and good grooves.

  • Dani frutal
    Dani frutal il y a 7 ans

    me encanto el concepto del video. A veces uno debe ir en busca de su lugar..

  • Shani Heckman
    Shani Heckman il y a 8 ans

    hearts always from SF are so talented and great with color i think you're my long lost brother. you got lost in kansas city when i drove through. i'm so sad i lost you :) xoxoox

  • Goat
    Goat il y a 3 ans

    wont forget when i saw them live here in KC and the guy next to us turns to my friends and goes "thats me in the music video! the bald guy!"

  • Ushnik Banerjee
    Ushnik Banerjee il y a 1 an

    We live together across the wire

  • littlefeather1980
    littlefeather1980 il y a 7 ans

    Went to SSION concert and listened to this song live just a few days ago...! Great! :D

  • Butt Tackler
    Butt Tackler il y a 1 an

    Years have passed, still bumping this gem