Rocket Girls (火箭少女101) - Born to Win 生而为赢 / Official MV Télécharger

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  • 23 oct. 2018

  • GRAPHIC SURGEON @PXZO WITH CBRICKS 火箭少女101成团首张EP《撞》第四首单曲《生而为赢》 已经在 QQ音乐 | 酷狗音乐 | 酷我音乐 上线。 披荆斩棘 生而为赢 🙏Are you ready? 【生而为赢】 火箭少女101 - 超新星全运会/主题曲 導演/ GRAPHIC SURGEON @PXZO WITH CBRICKS 词/ 顾玉帆 曲/Tim Hawed/Obi Mhondera/Geek Boy Al Swettenham/ Mariann Rosa 编曲/Geek Boy Al Swettenham 制作人/孔萧一 监制/FSM/MLGM 合音/张恋歌 混音/时俊峰&福达录音室 音乐指导/林灵 OP/Orio Music/Innerv8 Musiq SP/Soundgraphics Inc. admin by (Music Cubem Inc) Peermusic (S.E Asia) Ltd. -- 生而为赢(《超新星全运会》主题曲) 合:Are you ready 孟美岐:骄傲地拿起武器 合:Yeah 孟美岐:青春满满战斗力 酣畅淋漓地 Fighting 合:Wow 孟美岐:牢记生而为赢 Yamy 孟美岐 杨超越 傅菁 徐梦洁:啊~ 合:生而为赢 段奥娟 赖美云 紫宁 Sunnee 李紫婷:啊~ 合:生而为赢 段奥娟:开启充满想象力的掠夺 用实力让对手一无所获 我披着光 抵达战场 赖美云:踏碎嘲笑和质疑的声音 吼一声我是排行榜第一 时代榜样 紫宁:一瞬间万众仰望 徐梦洁:要痛快 别说不争不抢 既然上了战场 要做唯一的将 合:像胜利前进 李紫婷:抱拳是先礼后兵 合: Yeah 李紫婷:你终将向我致敬 超越自己的功绩 合:Wow 李紫婷:牢记生而为赢 Yamy 孟美岐 杨超越 傅菁 徐梦洁:啊~ 合:生而为赢 段奥娟 赖美云 紫宁 Sunnee 李紫婷:啊~ 合:生而为赢 赖美云:Keep calm and carry on Keep calm and carry on 合:生而为赢 李紫婷: Keep calm and carry on Carry on~ 合:生而为赢 Sunnee:没什么我也是淡泊名利 不过是认真跟自己较劲 彻彻底底 释放潜力 紫宁:看着我有杀伤力的眼睛 手下败将你不值得同情 发令枪响 傅菁:狠就是我的模样 合:要痛快 别说不争不抢 既然上了战场 要做唯一的将 向胜利前进 Sunnee:抱拳是先礼后兵 合:Yeah Sunnee:你终将向我致敬 超越自己的功绩 合:Wow Sunnee:牢记生而为赢 合:Wow 傅菁:骄傲地拿起武器 合:Yeah 傅菁:青春满满战斗力 酣畅淋漓地Fighting 合:Wow 傅菁:牢记生而为赢 美岐:Keep calm and carry on Keep calm and carry on 合:生而为赢 徐梦洁:Keep calm and carry on Carry on~ 合:生而为赢 Yamy 孟美岐 杨超越 傅菁 徐梦洁:啊~ 胜利的旗帜缓缓升起 傅菁:缓缓升起 段奥娟 赖美云 紫宁 Sunnee 李紫婷:啊~ 合:胜利的旗帜缓缓升起 合:Are you ready Yamy:都说年少轻狂 不懂人情世故 偏做拼命三郎 踏破人生之路 杨超越:不服输的态度 刺进胸膛 化作欲望袋鼠 装满勋章 Yamy:不是跑就快的 少的肯定坏的 酷不是乱盖的 第一才是(Cool guy) 杨超越:快摩拳擦掌 来进攻防守 再燃起战旗 我荣登榜首 段奥娟: 骄傲地拿起武器 合:Yeah 段奥娟:青春满满战斗力 酣畅淋漓地 Fighting 合:Wow 段奥娟:牢记生而为赢 合:Wow 紫宁:骄傲地拿起武器 合:Yeah 紫宁:青春满满战斗力 酣畅淋漓地 Fighting 合:Wow 紫宁:牢记生而为赢 合:啊 徐梦洁:不服来战 就别客气 傅菁:生而为赢 李紫婷:Enjoy enjoy enjoy 赖美云: 生而为赢 合:啊 赖美云:不服来战 就别客气 傅菁:生而为赢 李紫婷:Enjoy enjoy enjoy 孟美岐:生而为赢 Yamy 孟美岐 杨超越 傅菁 徐梦洁:啊~ 段奥娟 赖美云 紫宁 Sunnee 李紫婷:啊~ 孟美岐:生而为赢 段奥娟 赖美云 紫宁 Sunnee 李紫婷:啊~ Yamy 孟美岐 杨超越 傅菁 徐梦洁:啊~ Sunnee:生而为赢 -- QQ音乐: 酷狗音乐: 酷我音乐: 【Rocket Girls 火箭少女101】 Twitter: QQ音乐: 酷狗音乐: 酷我音乐: Tencent Video: Doki: Weibo:


  • z ruby m
    z ruby m il y a 1 an


  • Tinyfish 99
    Tinyfish 99 il y a 1 an

    I hope Mei Qi and Xuan Yi will come back with WJSN. 😭😭😭

  • Aixin Jin
    Aixin Jin il y a 1 an

    This MV is directed by a Korean producer, so why did it turn out to be "Chinese copying"?? Just because there are similarities, it doesn't mean that they plagiarised or copied.

  • Zelda Zonk
    Zelda Zonk il y a 2 mois

    If China had YouTube this would have a Billion Views

  • Batata Baronesa
    Batata Baronesa il y a 1 an

    I like their deep voices opposite to cute kpop ones and the nasal singing from Japanese idols.

  • DeeDee Cairns
    DeeDee Cairns il y a 5 mois

    This is not plagiarism people need to calm down the world doesn't revolve around k-pop

  • hypochlorite
    hypochlorite il y a 1 an (modifié)

    Mei Qi (Center, also in WJSN) -

  • Hoothoot Hoot
    Hoothoot Hoot il y a 1 an

    it's really hilarious the plagiarism comments because this song is literally a theme song for a sports competition, so what kind of concept did you expect them to use other than a gym-related one? LOL

  • Lotta Kytömäki
    Lotta Kytömäki il y a 1 an

    can we just appreciate these pretty girls and stop blaming them for copying whoever 🙄

  • SUNFL0WER127
    SUNFL0WER127 il y a 1 an


  • Noel苏诺伊
    Noel苏诺伊 il y a 1 an

    If these is plagiarism, didn’t Ariana Grande did the gym style first? I mean... a mv style is not own by anyone.

  • hu moon
    hu moon il y a 4 mois

    am i the only one who sees no one talking about plagiarism at all 🗿

  • Kayden McLendon
    Kayden McLendon il y a 1 an

    Yes, how dare they use a gym concept. Have you noticed them breathing? Red velvet breathes too! Plagiarism.

  • 다빈
    다빈 il y a 1 an

    와 중국 요즘 뮤비 한국따라하네... 그렇지만 가사는 참... 철학적이네....

    KUNKUNIKUN il y a 1 mois

    by faaar better than kpop , the girls voices are cool and good they are not trying to force or fake their voices , and every girl is unique ! the song is amazing !

  • 댕댕군
    댕댕군 il y a 8 mois

    저거 메이크업이랑 촬영 코디 다 한국에서 해준 거임ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Valonava
    Valonava il y a 1 an

    Oh no they used gym concept. So did Britney spears back in 1998. Get over it

  • Jimin Mariana
    Jimin Mariana il y a 1 mois

    Goddess i will miss them so much T_T

  • Ben Merva Wu
    Ben Merva Wu il y a 1 mois

    I FEEL SO SAD MY favorite GIRL group DISBANDED T_T i will always support the girls !

  • 엘리
    엘리 il y a 1 an

    아이오아이 너무너무너무랑 레드벨벳 러시안룰렛 다 섞어놨네