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  • 28 sept. 2014

  • Renditions of the Soul is the fifth studio album by Filipino singer Nina, released in the Philippines on August 27,2009 by Warner Music. The album contains a selection of the most requested songs from her “all male hits special” weekly acoustic radio show of the same title, which aired on Wave 89.1 during Friday and Sunday evenings. 1) Can’t Find the Words To Say Goodbye 2) Is There Something 3) One Last Cry 4) Half Crazy 5) Here I Am 6) Home 7) Can You Feel The Love Tonight 8) Will You Wait For Me 9) I’m Yours 10) Go The Distance 11) She’s Out of My Life 12) Why Can’t It Be 13) Never Again 14) Lost Without You 15) Real Thing 16) Cold Summer Nights 17) 7 Days


  • digital one
    digital one il y a 1 an

    Here I am playing with those memories again

  • loivhanterz Moralina
    loivhanterz Moralina il y a 3 ans

    i choose to break my own heart ..i chose to let go of him though it hurts..and now im so glad that ive learned to let go the wrong person..for me to meet the right person who never gives me hurts but all happiness..

  • G V
    G V il y a 3 ans

    we had our shares of heartbreaks, mistakes and painful memories. i know it's really difficult to overcome especially when you give your best shot but never worked the way you want it to be. but life must go on, as they say 'broken heart still beats'. kudos to those who are loving their selves more despite of being broken. :)

  • Mar2x Durens
    Mar2x Durens il y a 4 ans

    letting go is very painful ...moving on is not takes a lot of time until u will heal completely in and out.

  • Zl LiezlChannel
    Zl LiezlChannel il y a 1 an

    Ung kahit masaya k na sa partner mo ngayon..tapos maririnig mo tong mga kantang to, mapapa isip ka nlng dn tlga sa past mo eh..😂🤔

  • elle caneda
    elle caneda il y a 2 ans

    Nina's style of singing really hits into the soul of whoever listens to it. no doubt she and her voice never intend to grow old. =)

  • Faith In His Blood . Org
    Faith In His Blood . Org il y a 2 ans (modifié)

    01) -

  • Basmah Alnuaim
    Basmah Alnuaim il y a 1 an

    Out of my life but not in my mind and heart, saklaugh lng ng lyf

  • John Robles
    John Robles il y a 8 mois

    can't seem to find this on Google Music or Apple Music, where can I buy this album?

  • Point Of View
    Point Of View il y a 3 ans (modifié)

    If it is pain that brought by love then it is not love as the Bible defined it. How can you love someone who don't love you? If ordeal and pain is the journey you take in the name of your love then it is not love but a missing part of you that someone filled in just in a certain period of time. We tend to fall for someone who at that moment of loneliness filled up what we've long for. And then realize in the end the feeling was not reciprocal. Because they long for something or someone as well to whom they have not found it in you.

  • digital one
    digital one il y a 1 an

    I Can't Find the Words To Say Goodbye

  • Preety Soereh
    Preety Soereh il y a 5 ans

    takes time to heal the pain inside💔

  • cherryl lago
    cherryl lago il y a 3 ans

    OMG same here.. still i feel the pain. i forget i forgive but everytime it came into my mind still i could feel th pain..

  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G il y a 5 ans

    Thinking back when we first met

  • Lili Hawkeye
    Lili Hawkeye il y a 1 an

    2019 Listeners? Yo yo! 😭💔

  • Sabrosas Philippines
    Sabrosas Philippines il y a 2 semaines

    it's 2020 under pandemic yet these playlist made me realize that life must go on whatever happens 💖💖💝

  • claveionmel fiel
    claveionmel fiel il y a 3 ans

    wonderful songs...stress free...can also bring back memories...

  • L.A C
    L.A C il y a 3 ans

    its 2017 of June, I'm back here again. I just remember you and realize its been awhile pain is still there but I'm moving on. Time will heal what's broken..

    JRAM BALONGCAS il y a 3 ans

    ung tipong sobrang skit na kinakaya mo prin ..kahit alam mo sa srili mo na wala ng pagasa na maaus pa ung dting kayo 😢😢 kasi alm mung hindi n ikaw ang makkapagpasaya sa knya😢 mskit uo sobra pero kelangan nang bumitaw ..hindi dahil sa hndi mo na sya mahal kundi alam monh hndi na ikaw ang priority nea hindi na ikaw ung makkpagpsaya sa kanya😢😢 skit lang tlqa ..

  • Khar Ren
    Khar Ren il y a 10 mois

    "Why can't it be the two of us? Why can't we be lovers? Only friends."