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  • 27 mars 2018

  • English songs with lyrics top 5 songs trending in INDIA


    YT GAMER il y a 4 mois

    English songs lover like please

  • voice victor vijitha
    voice victor vijitha il y a 2 jours

    മലയാളീസ് ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ..... 😍😍

  • manish tailor
    manish tailor il y a 1 mois

    My faviroty

  • Sarvan Kumar
    Sarvan Kumar il y a 1 jour

    I'm so happy that I hear this song

  • Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar il y a 1 an

    my favt justin luv u lot😍😘😘

  • Ramalakshmi Suresh
    Ramalakshmi Suresh il y a 4 mois

    2019 plsssssssss

  • Puneet Brar
    Puneet Brar il y a 2 mois

    Thanks great job!!! Keeping doing this...

  • Shreya Sourav Jaiswal
    Shreya Sourav Jaiswal il y a 4 jours

    Try listening backstreet boys too. They are awesome too.

  • N. Modak
    N. Modak il y a 8 mois

    who love the first song of the video one like please

  • yahya pistolero
    yahya pistolero il y a 2 mois

    Come on my sweets heart

  • Kanta Devi
    Kanta Devi il y a 7 mois

    Hello Justin bro

  • Pooja Chaudhary
    Pooja Chaudhary il y a 4 mois

    Ya i am watching during quartine

  • Ana Batista
    Ana Batista il y a 4 mois

    Amoo essa musica

  • ツツIconicMistake
    ツツIconicMistake il y a 1 an

    89% of the comment section talk about Justin ¤~¤

  • Priyanka Kumari
    Priyanka Kumari il y a 1 mois

    💪 tonight Guys doing Hii

  • Rajalaxmi Mishra
    Rajalaxmi Mishra il y a 1 mois

    this songs are my favorite song

  • Khureshi Babasalem
    Khureshi Babasalem il y a 4 mois

    An another songs upload lots of songs please ...wonderful

  • Nishma Dhungana
    Nishma Dhungana il y a 3 mois

    Anyone here listening english song just to make your english fluent?😂

  • chotu Kumar
    chotu Kumar il y a 1 an

    I am Indian but l Love English songs.,,z

  • MaGniUU
    MaGniUU il y a 2 semaines

    Jaja me mandaron a estudiar esta cancion xd