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  • 2 avr. 2020

  • After Kourtney and Kim's fight, the sisters try to work things out as tension continues. Plus, Kourt makes a huge decision regarding her future on the show. #KUWTK #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #EEntertainment #KimKardashian #KhloéKardashian #KourtneyKardashian #KylieJenner #KendallJenner #KrisJenner SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/kuwtk Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Stream now on Peacock. http://bit.ly/KUWTKonPeacock About Keeping Up With the Kardashians: "Keeping Up with the Kardashians” takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the stories that dominate the news cycle and E! is the only destination to get the real story. Keep Up with the Kardashian-Jenner fam as they build business empires, face personal challenges, and share ups and downs together. Through all the epic moments, one thing remains the same… family always comes first. The Kardashian-Jenner clan continue to overcome it all through their unwavering love and commitment to each other. Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians Thursdays at 8/7c Connect with the Kardashians: Visit the KUWTK WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/KUWTKweb Like KUWTK on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/KUWTKfb Follow KUWTK on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/KUWTKtwtr About E! Entertainment: E! is on the Pulse of Pop Culture, bringing fans the very best original content including reality series, topical programming, exclusive specials, breaking entertainment news, and more. Passionate viewers can’t get enough of our Pop Culture hits including "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Total Divas,” and “Very Cavallari.” And with new original programming on the way, fans have even more to love. Connect with E! Entertainment: Visit the E! WEBSITE: http://eonli.ne/1iX6d8n Like E! on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1fzeamg Check out E! on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/eentertainment Follow E! on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/eentertainment Kourtney Takes Break From Show: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S18, E2) | E! http://www.youtube.com/kuwtk


  • Grace Lourdes Torio
    Grace Lourdes Torio il y a 5 mois

    She should quit permanently, her family doesn’t understand where she’s coming from. She’s hurt. She’s the oldest but no one respects her

  • Voiceovers by Stef Marie
    Voiceovers by Stef Marie il y a 5 mois

    Kourtney's spirit is broken & she's not being respected as the oldest sibling. She's not obsessed with fame and fortune

  • Tina Javid
    Tina Javid il y a 5 mois

    Kim bullied Rob to the point where he left the show and isn’t around anymore. She’s doing the same thing to Kourtney.

  • anne bledel
    anne bledel il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    When Kris Humpries and Kim got divorce, Kourtney has Kim's back during interview, she told the interviewer who attack Kim who is speechless at the time, that Kris who was benefiting from that marriage. When Khloe cheated by Tristan, Kourt respects Khloe's space while Kim tries to be friend with Tristan without thinking Khloe's feeling. But when Kourt was still newly heartbroken with Scott they all insist they need to invite Scott to Christmas party not giving Kourt's time or consideration and i remember Kourt still responded it calmly and try to be mature of it (when im screaming inside). Actually Kourtney is the most loyal and genuine sister. She respects boundaries and unpretentious. She's always being real and supportive, she just can't express herself well & she can't think fast like her sisters. Why can't her sisters see that?

  • Daniela R.
    Daniela R. il y a 5 mois

    These women aren't sisters to kourtney, they're her enemies.

  • Hope
    Hope il y a 5 mois

    Kourtney looks younger than Kim and Khloe now 🤣

  • ivy layne
    ivy layne il y a 5 mois

    Who remembers when Kourtney and Khloe were the closest sisters and had a great relationship?? So sad.

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy il y a 5 mois

    Why everyone hates kourtney like she the most realest most natural they just cant handle it. Team kourtney idc

  • davinxi 78
    davinxi 78 il y a 5 mois

    when kourtney slapped the hell out of Kim HAHAHAHA

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    Is no one talking about how kourtney slapped Kim’s makeup off her face and onto the wall

  • Ally Jay
    Ally Jay il y a 5 mois

    Kourtney and Khloe used to be so tight when Khloe was still real, now she is just like Kim. All that plastic must be poisoning their minds.

  • Bree M
    Bree M il y a 5 mois

    I don’t understand how Kendall didn’t even try to defend Kourtney. Kim literally belittled her about her inability to travel to her mom due to her anxiety minutes before the fight broke down, and she even clapped back at Kim telling her not to mess with her. How can she not understand that Kim belittled them both right there and then.

  • j o k e r
    j o k e r il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    I just feel so bad for Kourtney...

  • Ashley Fuentes
    Ashley Fuentes il y a 5 mois

    It made me angry when Kim said those horrible things about Kourtney. They do not respect Kourtney at all and it didnt shock me when Khloe took Kims side when the ones treating her older sister like garbage are them. Kourtney is constantly being criticized by everyone on the show all the time. She should have quit a long time ago, this show and her selfish sisters are only hurting her more.

  • Felipe Welchz
    Felipe Welchz il y a 5 mois

    I don't support any kind of violence, but when Kourtney slapped the hell out of Kim, well, she made several points there.

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue il y a 5 mois

    kim: “you’re actually the fat one” girl, what? lol

  • LA 2000
    LA 2000 il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    I feel like if there is no KUWTK, kourtney wouldn't visit her sisters that much and that would be VERY much good for her. Her family is just too toxic for her.

  • Hello Lovely
    Hello Lovely il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    It was ABOUT TIME somebody stepped up to shut Kim up, she’s a bully!

  • Maggie's Topics
    Maggie's Topics il y a 5 mois

    I'm glad that kourtney is taking a break, she just wants her life back, without the dam cameras and people following her around.... let her live her life

  • Mystic Stars
    Mystic Stars il y a 5 mois (modifié)

    Kim literally slapped kourtney multiple times and when kourtney slaps Kim back did y’all hear and see khloe’s reaction?