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  • 23 nov. 2018

  • #Kaalam - New #TamilShortFilm 2018 Kaalam, weather. Like the different season changes life also has different phases. Love has the major phases of all. To fall in love. To fall out of love. To be in a relationship. To lose someone. To win someone. To cry. To beg. To stay. Love is more than just seasons, it's an emotional rollercoaster. We have tried to bring you some glimpses of relationships. Vinitha https://www.facebook.com/vinitha.jaga... Deepak https://www.facebook.com/deepakraj04 Karthik https://www.facebook.com/karthik.natr... Divya https://www.facebook.com/dhivyaah.DL Rajha https://www.facebook.com/rajharajan Nithish https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?... Irfan https://www.facebook.com/IrfanssView Vekkey https://www.facebook.com/Vekkey Dubbing Artist - Vishnu Priya Murali https://www.facebook.com/vishualize Anita Kamaraj https://www.facebook.com/anita.kamaraj Eric https://www.facebook.com/ericpavel Ashwin Guru https://www.facebook.com/ashwin.guru.8 Akash https://www.facebook.com/aakash.natar... Kirbaa https://www.facebook.com/kirbaakaran Anirudh https://www.facebook.com/anirudh.srik... Media Partner : Tamil Short Cuts Subscribe : http://goo.gl/3zUlj9 Contact : tamilshortcuts@gmail.com Follow us : www.youtube.com/Tamilshortcuts www.facebook.com/Tamilshortcuts www.twitter.com/Tamilshortcuts


  • BISA love
    BISA love il y a 4 mois

    Story concept based on....

  • Thamira Krishnan
    Thamira Krishnan il y a 1 an

    Adhuvum andha Akash scene thaan

  • Winnie02'
    Winnie02' il y a 1 an

    This short film is actually about life.

  • Fahima Banu
    Fahima Banu il y a 4 mois

    Iam shocked to see irfan in this short film

  • swetha jaganathan
    swetha jaganathan il y a 1 an

    Three phases of season was beautifully captured and concept is unique...I personally love The spring climax season which has more going on...Love it

  • Hafil Hf
    Hafil Hf il y a 4 mois

    Yaru ellam 2020 la entha video pakurega

  • Abishek Priyan
    Abishek Priyan il y a 1 semaine

    Good one .... actually the story which is base on seasons of love is beautiful especially the last one ...one thing to say as a colorist visually it can be done better, cinematography and colour brings down the experience of the film, hope you do good next time, All the best Team

  • Sureshkumar Sureshkumar
    Sureshkumar Sureshkumar il y a 5 mois

    Short time la three verious story 💪semma director sir 😊hand's up 🙋‍♂

  • Tazhasugumar S
    Tazhasugumar S il y a 1 an

    செம்ம ஆனா ஒரு கார்டு போட்டா என்ன கொறஞ்சா போயிடுவாங்க பாரு எத்தனை பேர் புரியலன்னு சொல்றாய்ங்க,

  • Ravi Rajukutty
    Ravi Rajukutty il y a 1 an

    I like your different types of life changes, last pare super I love that girl, chance a illa super acting, daily antha last scene mattum papen, heart konjam relax akum😘😘😘

  • Max G
    Max G il y a 4 mois

    Nice one... Good to see Irfan and mama with you All the Best Guys.. 👏👏😎😎

  • saranya s.narayanan
    saranya s.narayanan il y a 5 mois

    Vekkey❤😁ji unexpected😊

  • 19BECE009 Mervin
    19BECE009 Mervin il y a 1 an

    Last climax was osm 😆😆😆pair is too Gud ...

  • 90's kids
    90's kids il y a 1 an

    Different concept

  • Abdullah S
    Abdullah S il y a 3 semaines

    @irfanviews pwoli bro 😂😂😂😂 counter laam vera level

  • கருப்பு காதலன் Black Lover

    எனக்கு மட்டும் தான் புரியலேயா... இல்லை எல்லாருக்கும் அப்படி தானா

  • Manish Madagowni
    Manish Madagowni il y a 1 an

    great work. message conveyed beautifully. amazing performance by the artists, behind the scenes technicians did a great job.

  • Prabha Editsß
    Prabha Editsß il y a 3 mois

    3 concept story spr 3rd concept awesome couple

  • Anu Lenin
    Anu Lenin il y a 1 an

    கிளைமாக்ஸ் சூப்பர்... பொதுவா 2 பேர் மனசு விட்டு பேசிக்கிற தருணங்கள் எவ்வளவு அழகு....😍😍

  • SIMPLE ioo
    SIMPLE ioo il y a 1 an

    good story i loved it