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  • 1 mars 2020

  • #ESC2020 #Eurovision #EurovisionReaction I react to the music video of "Superg!rl", sung by Stefania, which will represent Greece at Eurovision 2020. Timestamps: 0:27 Greece in Eurovision 1:03 Intro to Stefania 1:51 1st Reaction to Music Video 4:22 1st Thoughts 6:18 2nd Listen and Thoughts 7:15 How will this do at Eurovision? I use the "My Eurovision Scoreboard" app for my scoreboard graphics - I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just like their app. Thanks for checking out my video, please like and subscribe if you enjoyed 😘🤗. My target audience is Eurovision fans and not just those who are only looking for a positive reaction to their own country's song. I give honest reactions and thoughts about Eurovision topics - If you cannot handle that my opinion does not confirm your own, then please just move on to another reaction video, thanks! Personal attacks will be deleted immediately. DISCLAIMER! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism and commentary - as is the case in this video. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Most content used in the video belong to the EBU and Eurovision, other than the content clearly filmed by me, including me.


  • Alex Hodder
    Alex Hodder il y a 6 mois

    Omggg tom my new number 1 this has everything a ethnic bop that's not too sexual and a beautiful 17 year old girl singing it COME ON GREECE 🇬🇷

  • Nigel Downey
    Nigel Downey il y a 6 mois

    “She’s stinking hot - I’d love to be her” - Tom, you’re absolutely fine as you are 😃 Love this song from Greece and I’m hoping it will do well in the Final

  • Abdias Arevalo-Garnica
    Abdias Arevalo-Garnica il y a 6 mois

    The song is an earworm! The melody and the chorus mirror each other perfectly and just get stuck in your head. Can't wait to see the staging and performance!!!

  • - Orion -
    - Orion - il y a 6 mois

    This is a bop, Greece is awesome this year, love you Dad

  • A.M. Rifki A. 3rd
    A.M. Rifki A. 3rd il y a 6 mois

    the MV looks like a film. I think she's more than ready to be an actress as well.

  • jet nijland
    jet nijland il y a 6 mois

    love your reaction. i am from the netherlands and for sure i am voting for greece this year, because i am supporting Stefania for more than a year now and i am really proud she is going to the eurovision. GO SUPERG! RL

  • Tara king
    Tara king il y a 6 mois

    wow, love it that ethnic breakdown. Stranger things come to Athens. Can't wait to see what they do with this. Hasn't she blossomed. heheh you don't have time now.

  • Swedish Bee Panda
    Swedish Bee Panda il y a 6 mois

    When they announced who was the singer and what is the title for Greece's Entry I Was excited since STEFANIA IS A JUNIOR EUROVISION LEGEND!!! Although i thought the song would be a cheesy basic pop song- I GUESS I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  • William Birch
    William Birch il y a 6 mois

    Immediately in my top 3. The staging will determine how high this can go. In the current pool it could be easily top 3 however the quality has been improving mostly throughout the season and it’s going to start to get tougher from here. For some reason I feel this will get a result similar to last year as Greece isn’t know for knockout staging. The upbeat songs they do tend to stage better, so maybe this will be top 10, something deep in my stomach however doesn’t feel top 5.

  • PickaCardΗρω
    PickaCardΗρω il y a 6 mois

    kontopoulos is greek so yea he would keep the best song for his country xD

  • Nick Karras
    Nick Karras il y a 6 mois

    Thank you for your kind words , with love from Greece ! Recently the Greek National Broadcast Tv showed " Het Grote Songfestivalfeest" and i really enjoyed all the glory Irish participants from the past . Wishing you good luck for this year !

  • PhilippaM !!!!!!!!!!!
    PhilippaM !!!!!!!!!!! il y a 6 mois

    Thank you so much!I wish to see my country back to top 10!Many kisses from Greece!!

  • Abdias Arevalo-Garnica
    Abdias Arevalo-Garnica il y a 6 mois

    Can't wait for this re-action!!

  • Marie Tg
    Marie Tg il y a 6 mois


  • N
    N il y a 6 mois

    She‘s greek but she lives in the Netherlands nice video👍

  • TheDomnt
    TheDomnt il y a 6 mois

    Love Greece - in my Top 5

  • John Moynahan
    John Moynahan il y a 6 mois


  • geoforamorio
    geoforamorio il y a 6 mois

    We have to mention that the songwriters are the group Arcade, Sharon Vaughn the famous American Stockholm-based who wrote songs for other ESC performers like Mans Zamerlow, Helena Paparizou, Sergey Lazarev etc. and the absolute ESC legend, Dimitris Kontopoulos!

  • Μαρία Μηλιώνη
    Μαρία Μηλιώνη il y a 6 mois

    I am from Greece and I love Stefania. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Dias Recipes
    Dias Recipes il y a 6 mois

    Best reaction