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  • 4 oct. 2015

  • "Here lies Elena Gilbert. A fun girlfriend, and an amazing friend." So yeah, I'm a little late with this... Honestly, I haven't done Elena tribute before, just because I was too upset. And now that TVD is starting this thursday I thought It was time. I love her so much, and I'm gonna miss her. Elena is the heart of the show, and that's never gonna change. I'm gonna wait for her to come back someday. P.S. Forgive me for the glitch. I didn't have the strength to render the video for 3 hours again :/ Fandom: The Vampire Diaries Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10 Coloring: dalmuss97 Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLoveDE Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_fk... ________________________________________­­­­­­­­_____ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


  • Naisha Yaretzy
    Naisha Yaretzy il y a 4 ans

    she's an amazing strong beautiful person I honestly don't know how people can hate her so much

  • Dreamer Lu
    Dreamer Lu il y a 3 ans

    "Elena is the heart of the show" deeply agree. You made me cry so much, this is so emotional. This fandom is so unfair with this character, i don't get how the most of TVD fans can hate her, i honestly don't. You did an amazing job, you touched my heart.

  • Megan Modesitt
    Megan Modesitt il y a 4 ans

    the show isn't the same with out Elena gilbert and I miss her a lot but anyways this video was breathing taking darling

  • Glory Jezek
    Glory Jezek il y a 1 an

    This was perfection. I love her so much. She has to be one of the most underrated characters of all time. She gets hate for being too good and having a heart that's too big. But I love that about her. I love how she doesn't kill a bunch of people. She values human life. She forgives and understands people. Yes, she cries a lot because she is empathetic and pure-hearted. She has also experienced more loss and pain than most people. So maybe she's not "the strongest " character on the show in terms of brute physical strength, but she is by far the most emotionally and mentally strong character on the show and in most shows. She is a constant inspiration and an eternal hero of mine. And when I think about how much hate or even indifference that she gets, it hurts me. She deserves the world. She is so selfless and kind, and compassionate. A girl actually worthy of an epic love triangle. She is THAT incredible. This video captured her perfectly. Thank you again for it!

  • Shae Lynn
    Shae Lynn il y a 2 ans

    I love Elena she's my favorite character, I think she's very misunderstood, a lot of people hate on her and I don't get why I understand she can have some bad moments but don't we all? She's human after all no one is perfect in the end she always tried to do the right thing and always tried to put everyone else before her❤ team Elena team Delena

  • vintage flower girl
    vintage flower girl il y a 4 ans

    This is beautiful, the show isn't the same without her3

  • xQueenOfChaos
    xQueenOfChaos il y a 4 ans

    The damn onions are making my eyes water.. :(

  • Alina Steindl
    Alina Steindl il y a 3 ans

    She deserves sm better! She lost so many ppl! She is so damn beautiful and I love her sm!!

  • Kate jade
    Kate jade il y a 4 ans

    i miss elena honestly 😭💓

  • Genevieve Aly
    Genevieve Aly il y a 4 ans

    3 minutes ago i was thinking about cant find a video that makes me feel emotional . Then i saw this and i cried.Thanks for making an amazing video. I'll always remember elena and her little gorgeous smile ...

    NEVE ROBINSON il y a 5 ans

    No im not crying....

  • Sheila O'Driscoll
    Sheila O'Driscoll il y a 1 an

    Elena is amazing one of the most selfless characters in television history

  • Hayley Cooper
    Hayley Cooper il y a 4 ans

    I'm bawling my eyes out!!! The bit that got me was "write it all down, so that one day when I wake up I can read all about my best friends lives and feel like I was there" that is when I started crying so much! I love this it gave me the chills and all the emotions 😭💗😍

  • Mariana Kelly
    Mariana Kelly il y a 5 ans

    love you so much Elena ♥♥♥♥

  • Kačuléé
    Kačuléé il y a 5 ans

    Goosebumps, tears in my eyes & so many memories♥

  • Marie Melet
    Marie Melet il y a 4 ans

    the Best montage of Elena , seriously , it's really the Best 😍

  • Beatriz Letras
    Beatriz Letras il y a 5 ans

    Incredible, beautiful video. I'll miss her so much ❤

  • Dutch Frustration
    Dutch Frustration il y a 4 ans

    Soooooo good, I think this is the best one I've ever seen!

  • OfficialTVDNTv
    OfficialTVDNTv il y a 3 ans

    woow, this is one of the most beautiful Elena videos. ♡ I'm soo emotional now, after watching it. :'(

  • mvah07
    mvah07 il y a 4 ans

    this is so beautiful! the music, the scenes and quotes you picked! absolutely flawless. I feel like her character had gotten so super lost in the fanservice the writers did to please all the shippings, all these videos remind me all over again why she used to be such a good character!