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  • 8 oct. 2011

  • Lyric Vid For a Very Awesome Song :) ENJOY


  • danblo0809
    danblo0809 il y a 4 ans

    I'm so sorry guys, I only found out who he was after he died... but he's still a great musician. Sorry.

  • Bel Mont
    Bel Mont il y a 11 mois

    "She's not sure if You're a boy ir a girl"

  • kelly mccartney
    kelly mccartney il y a 4 ans

    he used to say he didnt know where he was going but he promised it wouldn't be boring..

  • Aidén Lisandro Jiménez Rodríguez

    This is the non-binary unofficial pride song.

    MASTER X SHAMUS il y a 4 ans

    David Bowie is not dead, he's just gone home!

  • Hannah Isabel Lacopia
    Hannah Isabel Lacopia il y a 4 ans

    Bowie's not dead

  • Golden One iStudio
    Golden One iStudio il y a 4 ans

    David Bowie arrived 1/8/1947 – BlackStar arrived 1/10/2016 - - - So isn't it so so strange that when there is someone you've never met in your life passes, you can still feel such a loss like right now? ….David stayed up with me many a lonely night over the last 45 years - making my bad days better - my nights brighter, all while making me a better musician. ...What a talent. - What a career. - What a loss. - What a soul and thank you for sharing it and thanks for touching mine. -J.D.Gragg

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long il y a 4 ans

    Now he's rocking out with Freddie Mercury. RIP DB

  • Ashton Saturn
    Ashton Saturn il y a 1 an

    I love this because I'm genderfluid and my mom is like "whut" and the line "cause she's not sure if your a boy or a girl" makes me happy. :D

  • 6672rock
    6672rock il y a 4 ans

    My favorite Davie Bowie song hands-down.  I love that intro guitar riff.  It's all the more reason David will be missed.  I hope he's jamming in Heaven's house band right now with Freddie Mercury, John Bonham, Phil Lynott, Jimi Hendrix and all the great musicians who left us way too soon.  God bless DB.

  • Sylvia Ross
    Sylvia Ross il y a 2 ans

    This is my favorite Bowie song ("Space Oddity" is next), but I never could understand all the lyrics. I was 14 when it came out, & it really resonated with me because I was a rebel. Growing up in Alabama, I always felt I was different from everybody in school, but I was afraid at the time to be a nonconformist. It took going off to college to change that. Thanks, DB - RIP :(

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman il y a 4 ans

    In stars wars I could just imagine them the empire saying the rebel rebel is coming

  • DeepDownDerp
    DeepDownDerp il y a 4 ans

    Heaven must have a great music scene.

  • AntiHoplophobia
    AntiHoplophobia il y a 4 ans

    What a shock his death is... I was floored when I got this news.... he will be missed all over the world, a truly global artist...

  • MadamPluto
    MadamPluto il y a 4 ans

    He truly was legenary 3

  • Rhys Nichols
    Rhys Nichols il y a 4 ans

    David Bowie has such a wide range of music design, this reminds me of a sixties band but lots of his other songs are more 80s style and his voice changes too!

  • alisha alisha
    alisha alisha il y a 11 mois

    Robbe and sander❤❤

  • shrek's uncle
    shrek's uncle il y a 3 ans

    rest in peace carrie fisher 💜💜

  • jay Roberge
    jay Roberge il y a 8 mois

    TRANSmission and "My TV c15" and "TRANSmission, TRANSition" How could they know?

  • Featho
    Featho il y a 4 ans

    a girl in a class of my schools grandad used to rock with him..