(Bootsy Collins) Bootsy's Rubber Band - Strechin' Out Live 1976 Télécharger

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  • 29 janv. 2016

  • Concert by Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band, featuring Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley from the James Brown band. The concert was recorded live in Houston in 1976, the same night of the Mothership Connection concert film. Definetly the best concert by Bootsy Collins on youtube so far. Setlist: 00:34 Ahh, The Name It's Bootsy, Baby 03:37 Psychoticbumpschool 13:56 Another Point of View 18:15 Physical Love 22:36 I'd Rather Be With You 33:42 Medley: Ahh, The Name It's Bootsy, Baby/ Disco To Go 44:00 Vanish in Our Sleep 47:38 Stretchin' out (On a Rubber Band)


  • Ellen Steed
    Ellen Steed il y a 2 ans

    RIP to my Mom who got me into the whole PFunk experience...Funkin Love you Mom 3

  • ghanax
    ghanax il y a 4 ans

    The funkiest concert ever! who feel the funk  agree with me

  • Bill Hill
    Bill Hill il y a 3 ans

    RIP Mr. Robert P Nut Johnson

  • gristam shackleford
    gristam shackleford il y a 10 mois (modifié)

    everyone that thinks cliff burton from metallica was the first person to put distortion on a bass and shred solos like it was a guitar needs to see this

  • Motoroil
    Motoroil il y a 2 ans (modifié)

    Boy were the 70s the best. I dream of hearing young guys play like this. The tone of Bootsy's base is off the charts amazing.


    55 people need slapped

  • orion khan
    orion khan il y a 5 mois


  • Caletha Henry
    Caletha Henry il y a 1 an (modifié)

    Bootsy was just 25. "Tales of the Tour bus" is SOOO good....animated series on James>>>Bootsy>>>>George Clinton.

  • Malcolm Carrington
    Malcolm Carrington il y a 4 ans

    P-Funk always tore Houston a new one.

  • Decutta
    Decutta il y a 3 ans

    How do you give a thumbs down to this?? them horns!!

  • CosmicPBL
    CosmicPBL il y a 4 ans

    damn!! at last a full Bootsy 70'S concert on line , not having to give my kidney in exchange for a dvd!! thanks!!

  • gristam shackleford
    gristam shackleford il y a 10 mois

    just realized how much that guy that did the humpty dance song ripped off bootsy Collins style

  • Divine Moments Of Truth
    Divine Moments Of Truth il y a 4 ans

    how does this have so few views! love this lineup

  • Robert Hill-Bey
    Robert Hill-Bey il y a 3 ans

    Definitely funky.......I was only 16 when the Mothership  landed in Soldgeirs field Chicago, IL

  • bengreens
    bengreens il y a 4 ans

    I want a hype man . . . I'd still suck musically, but how awesome would it be to have someone shout your praises?

  • Jake Hoard
    Jake Hoard il y a 3 ans (modifié)


  • Rod Turner
    Rod Turner il y a 4 ans

    I can't believe it's been 40 years. DAMN!

  • Asha Bediako
    Asha Bediako il y a 4 ans

    Who could ever get enough of Bootsy? Not me! Thank you for this!

  • SergeFinder
    SergeFinder il y a 3 ans

    Maceo's solo on Psychoticbumpschool is the most steaming one I ever heard from a sax.

  • RAMBR0
    RAMBR0 il y a 4 ans

    The Names Bootsy Baby!!!