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  • 30 juil. 2020

  • Listen to “my future”, out now: Follow Billie Eilish: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Email: Store: Directed by: Andrew Onorato Produced by: Chop Studio Animation: Alex Dray Andrew Onorato Annie Zhao Cliona Noonan Ian Ballantyne João Monteiro Josh Trotter Keith Kavanagh Maddie Brewer Nancy Li Sarah Schmidt Sean Anderson Backgrounds: Genesis Magat Rick Sweden Jarrod Prince Pre-production: Andrew Onorato Adam Henderson Shane Dering Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  • Lorraine
    Lorraine il y a 3 jours

    Damn she's come so far. From songs about hating herself to a song about loving herself and her future. It warms my heart.

  • heck
    heck il y a 4 heures

    I need that frog as a plush or sticker 🥺

  • Sheetal Sinha
    Sheetal Sinha il y a 5 heures

    "My Future"

  • Audioandlyrics
    Audioandlyrics il y a 3 heures

    Because of Quarantine she has to make it animated. Or else I’d be real people.

  • TeaRex Official
    TeaRex Official il y a 5 heures

    This song is the opposite of Idontwannabeyouanymore

  • Aryxial
    Aryxial il y a 3 jours

    I definitely wasn’t stalking Billie’s YouTube until she released the song..😫

  • Sara of Isla
    Sara of Isla il y a 3 heures

    so now that everybody’s talking about the frog - which is cute and all - let's also appreciate the message behind the lyrics. it's about loving yourself, and loving yourself FIRST, before you can love somebody else.

  • jesslyn
    jesslyn il y a 6 heures

    i wanna see billie and her team make a plushy of the frog. people who would buy it ——————>

  • The Avengers
    The Avengers il y a 5 heures

    Hope everyone's future is bright like Billie

  • Jonana Gramerová
    Jonana Gramerová il y a 3 heures (modifié)

    I can't... This song is just in my head everyday, every minute, every second... The animation, the lyrics, meaning of the song, Bil's voice, the music, the fact how hard she worked on this... I can just say that I want this to play on my funeral because this is the song of freedom and happines💚

  • serena raia
    serena raia il y a 3 jours

    She actually went from "I don't wanna be you anymore" to "I'm in love with my future", so glad that she is getting happier.

  • ambivalentza
    ambivalentza il y a 1 heure

    I haven’t seen anyone talking about how pretty the animation is? It just adds onto the vibes

  • Rehana Begum
    Rehana Begum il y a 6 heures

    Teacher: why u r not focusing??

  • Aw6ken
    Aw6ken il y a 1 heure

    It's like this song was wrote for me, Billie is so relatable and an amazing singer. I hope to make a song with her one day. It's my dream.

  • O K
    O K il y a 2 heures

    I wish everyone could fall in love with their future. I can't imagine what the world would be like.


    The frog is Really cute, and I don't see many people talk about him.

  • Daud Rotama
    Daud Rotama il y a 5 heures (modifié)

    She is truly a jazz singer. Love whatever she's doing with her music though. Btw this song is so city pop, I can already envision a live action music video for it.

  • Sakinong
    Sakinong il y a 3 heures

    Billie: I'm in love with my future, can't wait to meet her

  • layna :3
    layna :3 il y a 5 heures

    sounds like something that would be in a Disney movie.

  • sangita saha
    sangita saha il y a 5 heures

    Others: The Frog Is Cute